Monday, September 17, 2012

Kid to kid!

Ok so if you haven't heard of "kid to kid", today is your lucky day! Kid to kid is a clothing thrift store for your kids. What's great about it is, they are super inexpensive and they buy clothes too! So you can sell them your children's clothes then go and buy them different ones! They also buy and sell, toys, maternity clothes, baby gear and shoes. They have thousands of items for under $5.00 that are gently used and sometimes brand new! I went shopping for my daughters first day of school outfit and it cost me $7.00 for an adorable blue dress and $4.00 for her book bag. What's also great is that they have amazing deals, when you sign up for their email list. Twice a year they have a $10.00 bag sale, which means you go in and they give you a grocery sac and you fit as many clearance items as possible in the bag for $10. So if you sign up for their email I know it's coming up soon! Also they send you codes that you can tell them at the register  for additional 25% off of their already inexpensive clothes and they also have several different sales through out the year! Halloween is also coming up and they sell gently used, very inexpensive Halloween costumes. That are super cute and since your child only wears it once just take it back and sell it to them the next year! This is a great way to save on children's clothing, since they grow so fast it's almost pointless to buy them something brand new that they are going to grow out of in a few months! They also have winter gear too, boots, jackets scarves, mittens and beanies all at a very reasonable price! Well that is your budget saving tip for the day! See you tomorrow ! Oh by the way they have a store locator on their website to find a store near you. Once you find your location you can sign up on that locations email list.

Madisyn's first day of school outfit! From Kid to Kid.

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