Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cable? Really, why?

So here is the thing. cable is an absolutely meaningless bill that costs you 100 bucks a month, I mean really who needs it. What I mean is, if you didn't know, most flat screens come with a digital converter box and almost everybody has a flat screen now. For those of you that don't have a flat screen you can buy a digital converter box. A digital converter box means you could hook up an antenna to it and you will get channels 1-30 for free! yep that's right i said it! FREE!! Antennas are about $11.00 at Walmart, so all you have to do is plug it into your flat screen or digital converter box, if you don't have a flat screen. Really the majority of shows that I watch are on basic channels anyway! Then you never have to pay for it, its just free all the time! Also another great tool is Netflix! its only 8.64 a month with tax! You get unlimited streaming movies and tv shows, They have a ton of great shows on their for your children and adults and there are lot of new movies out on it too.  Hulu Plus is another great thing to order, its about $8.00 a month and you get all the tv shows latest episodes, and more.. For example here are a couple TV shows on there, Hell's kitchen, Kitchen nightmares, Hotel hell , New girl, Fringe, house, Once upon a time and a ton more!! Can you tell I like chef Ramsey? Anyway back on subject.... plus you could stream Netflix and Hulu plus on your computers and tablets as well, so cool!  So for a recap You pay $16.00 - $17.00 a month for unlimited shows and movies on Hulu Plus and Netflix, plus you have your antenna which gets channels 1-30 for free ! Hello what are you waiting for? $16 a month or around $100 it's your call. I know when I am going into the winter, we need to downsize our bills because work slows down. If that's how it is for you this is a perfect way to lower your bills and still be able to watch your shows.... and don't forget movies too? I used to spend ALLOT of money on red box and then allot of people forget to turn in their movies and get charged a fortune (DAD)! So why not just have your Netflix and get allot of great movies there instead !  Well that's my budget saving tip for the day see you tomorrow!

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