Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween crafts yay!!

I love Halloween and I love crafts and decorations! Here are some way cute crafts I found on Better homes and Gardens. They are all pretty easy! Also here are a couple coupons for Hobby Lobby and Michael's to get you started  : D Have fun! 


Ghostly Book Pop-Ups
Make a spooky centerpiece from a stack of old books and some pop-up ghostly shapes. To make this project, cut two basic ghost shapes from pages in the middle of a book, leaving the bottoms attached to their pages. Hold up each ghost with a touch of tape. To complete this haunting centerpiece, use a hole punch or marker to make eyes for each ghost. 

 Spooky Ghost Halloween Wreath
Hang this apparition-adorned wreath on your front door to greet Halloween guests and scare away mischievous tricksters. In a well-ventilated area, spray-paint a grapevine wreath white; let dry. Place a sheet of waxed paper on a cutting board and roll out white oven-bake clay (such as Sculpey) to 1/8-inch thick. Using the photo as a guide (or our free patterns), cut out two ghost shapes from the clay with a crafts knife. Bake the shapes in the oven according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once cool, glue the ghosts to the wreath with strong glue (such as E6000). Tie a gauzy ribbon in a bow and attach it to the wreath with wire. 

Black & White Spiderweb Pillow
Turn a black accent pillow into a spook-tastic Halloween decoration with a bit of crafting. Using clear-drying white crafts glue, glue a lace doily to the pillow, placing it slightly to the left and center, leaving the edges unglued. Cut a piece of embroidery floss long enough to wrap around the pillow. Tie one end of the floss to the doily, looping through one of the lacy open edges. Wrap the floss around the pillow, tying the loose end to another open area of the doily. Repeat with other pieces of embroidery floss to create a spiderweb look. To finish the pillow, glue a toy spider on top of the doily. 

Spellbinding Plate Wall Art
Old platters and plates refreshed with decorative paper make the perfect gothic backdrop on a plain wall for Halloween. Cut black-and-white Halloween-theme decorative papers to fit the center of unused plates or platters. Adhere paper to the center of each plate or platter using a glue stick. When you want to refresh your decoration or reuse the plates for another purpose, you can peel the papers off without causing damage to the plates.

Spooky Spider Pumpkins
This spooky spin on a classic Halloween yard decoration is sure to frighten passersby. Poke four holes in each side of a large pumpkin with an awl and attach jumbo chenille stems to create the spider legs. Cut two large circles from white crafts foam and two smaller circles from black crafts foam to make the eyes. Attach to the pumpkin using adhesive glue dots.

Candlelight Message
See your nighttime festivities in a new light by spelling a seasonal message on glass pillar candleholders. Wrap the outsides of the glass pillars with colored tissue paper and secure with tape. Adhere a 2-inch stick-on vinyl letter (available at office supply or crafts stores) to each pillar to form a word.
As an extra treat, embellish a goody bag with a spider made from a black pom-pom and chenille stems.


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