Thursday, September 20, 2012

Insurance, expensive? Not if you do your research!

OK , so since we are heading into winter, we are looking at all of our bills and figuring out what we can do to make them less expensive. The first thing i looked at was my internet bill, we were paying $52.00 a month for Wi Fi fast internet with Clear. Well we looked into and found a deal with Century link. They are offering $15.00 a month for six months no contract. So by the end of 6 months we can just go somewhere else and find something cheap again. Also 6 months will get us through Winter! I know awesome right? The next thing we looked at was insurance. Insurance is a daunting deathly bill that cost a fortune and you HAVE to have it! Well, we have two cars that are financed oh and by the way our car payments are $95.00 and $145.00 a month because, we didn't buy a brand new car . We bought good cars that were between $5,000 and $8,000 so we were able to afford them! :) sorry back on track, so anyway we have to have full coverage on both of our cars and we were paying $156.00 a month, well i discovered that instead of going directly to an insurance company find an insurance agent! Insurance agents will look at several different insurance companies and find the less expensive one for you I know its fabulous! Plus they take care of all the work for you and transfer your information and do all the paperwork i know even more fabulous! So now we are paying $89.00 a month for full coverage insurance for both of our cars we have saved almost $70.00 that's crazy good! Well if you need an insurance agent in Utah I have a great one i can hook you up. If not just do a Google search and find one :) Well that's my budget saving tip for the day ! See you tomorrow and don't forget to do your research and give your wallet a break for crying out loud : D

Oh by the way, the agent took care of our home owners insurance too...

Insurance is awesome.

Insurance is my favorite.

I have insurance, i'm innocent!

Officer of course I have my insurance. 

Your mom has insurance ! 

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