Sunday, September 16, 2012

Gettin your hair did!

So all of us ladies, love to look glamorous whether your a mom of 8 or a single lada! It's good to get your hair and nails done, it gives us a feeling of beauty and confidence and reminds us that we are worth it to look nice! On that note its pretty expensive to get your hair done even if you just want to cut off a few inches and get a wash. Than on top of it ,it costs $10.00 extra for them to style it at all, so, I am now a huge fan of cosmetology schools for that specific reason, Price! Every cosmetology school that I have been to charges very low prices for cuts, style, up dos and color! To get a hair cut for example at my local cosmetology school "Evan's" it costs $6.00 for a hair cut and $5.00 to style but, since I just live right down the street i go home and style it myself! So $5.00 for a haircut is awesome and they even wash your hair for free with it! Every time I have gotten my hair done there and other cosmetology schools they do a fantastic job! If  for some reason you feel uncomfortable about it like they aren't trained enough, ask for a more advanced student, one that is about to graduate. They also do Perms for $25.00, Highlights for $21.00, Color for $16.00 , manicure for $5.00 and birthday parties for little girls for $7.50 per person which includes updos and manicures! You will find that most cosmetology schools have around the same rates around the nation, just call up your local school!So go on girls get your hair did and your nails done and look fabulous cause you deserve it! See you tomorrow for another budget saving tip!

 My haircut after going to Evans cosmetology school!


  1. I tend to forget about the schools when I get my hair done. It really is a great idea! I love your blog too!